Like most business people, you need to be bottom line focused and show real results in order to get buy-in from your key decision makers and clients.

Learn how the EQ-i 2.0 can provide ROI and will really make a difference in:

— the TRAINING and DEVELOPMENT of your employees,

— the development of your LEADERS, and

— the SELECTION of highly qualified future leaders to your organization

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The EQ-i 2.0® Explained

The EQ-i 2.0 is a new and more robust version of the original EQ-i. To purchase the EQ-i 2.0, please visit our assessment division at For more information on the original EQ-i, please see one of our other EQ-i products.

If you have already taken the EQ-i 2.0, the following will help enhance your learning and apply your results.

High Scores-Low Results
While we coach our clients to improve their emotional intelligence, we also recognize that sometimes being high in one subscale, when it is not balanced by another, can hinder their success. Download PDF version

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
What is Emotional Intelligence? What is the EQ-i 2.0? How accurate is it? You may also download this as a Powerpoint Presentation

EI Valued More Than IQ in Hiring, Promoting
Emotional Intelligence is “absolutely fundamental” to the effectiveness of front-line staff and management at Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, according to Anne Harvey, vice-president of employee engagement.

Developing Emotionally Intelligent Organization: Effective Implementation and Measurement Process
It is imminent to the nature of any organizational system to recognize a critical role of a human factor. Organizations consist of humans and therefore, each of them needs to be treated as “a macro human being” with human features: intelligence, emotions, discipline, consideration, ability to control itself and influence others. Emotional intelligence (EQ) is an important concept that determines both organizational and personal success. Download PDF version

Emotional Intelligence
“Few constructs have grabbed the attention of researchers, theorists, and practitioners with the intensity and suddenness of emotional intelligence (EI). Inevitably this has led to problems in the theoretical development of EI as well as in the way practitioners have sought to measure and apply it in various domains (Matthews et al., 2002)…” Download PDF version

The Impact of EI on Leadership
The purpose of this study is to examine the nature of the relationship between emotional intelligence (EI) and leadership. Download PDF version

An Examination of the Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Style and Perceived Leadership Effectiveness
The intention of this study is to broaden the knowledge base of HRD through the investigation of emotional intelligence, leadership style and the effectiveness of that leadership. “One of the most universal cravings of our time is a hunger for compelling and creative leadership” (Burns, 1978, p.1) Download PDF version

Personality Preferences and Emotional Intelligence: Implications for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
The objective of this research was to determine the relationship between emotional intelligence and personality preferences of business students. Download PDF version