What does SLS Global do better than anyone else?

We optimize leaders and teams by providing a system for new ways of thinking and leading—based on the psychology of high performance—SLS Global works with you to transform your unique workforce.

Our goal is simple: support leadership behaviors that drive your business results. We coach to optimize higher levels of active problem solving, engagement, communication, collaboration, innovation, emotional intelligence and trust, all resulting in greater accountability. The result- leaders, teams and organizations better able to navigate complexity and ambiguity while clarifying the business issues that must be solved.

Our promise: Since 1984, with hundreds of engagements, we have never had a client who walked away dissatisfied. Ever. When SLS Global partners with you, we deliver on our promise to elevate leadership strategies and actions necessary to impact workforce and business performance.

Why is SLS Global the partner of choice to Fortune 500 and other successful companies?

Because SLS Global transforms the organizational drivers that optimize business results. You get leaders who create a workforce that is engaged, accountable and results-focused.

SLS Global—What Makes Us Different?

You and your organization are unique. Instead of cookie-cutter processes, we give you customized people effectiveness solutions that actually work using global Best Practices and ROI. You want accountability, responsiveness and real world solutions from experienced partners who share your vision for the future of your company. SLS Global works with you to leverage what makes you successful, and helps you cascade that success down through the organization.

SLS Global gives you this and more:

  • A stellar reputation of “High Value – High Impact” results
  • An unmatched depth of experience— from a global bench of business psychologists and OD specialists with 15 to 40+ years experience.
  • Coaches and Advisers with a minimum 12+ years proven experience coaching in the Senior Executive ranks.
  • Executive Advisers and Coaches throughout the US, Europe, South America and Asia.
  • SLS Global Coaches who represent our core values, including diversity.
  • Valid and reliable assessments that are customizable and aligned to your organization’s specific needs and culture.
  • Thoughtful leaders who developed the first integrated 360 approach to leadership development over 30 years ago.
  • A focus on real world results, common sense and ROI.
  • • Grounded in the Psychology of High Performance that informs our solutions that optimize human performance in the workplace and increased your reputation as a “Best Places to Work” leader.