1. Achieving Organizational Goals

    I used to think that success in corporate America was about working harder and better than my competition. Coaching has helped me to shift my perspective. I still work hard, but a lot smarter. For me, Leadership is about fine-tuning my gut instincts and making sure my team is on track to get the results I want.…Read More

    SC, Former SVP, Now EVP , East Coast
  2. Faster and More Efficiently

    I relocated from one part of the country to another. I moved from a senior position in a smaller firm to a senior position in a large organization. Executive coaching allowed me to come on board in the new organization faster and more efficiently. I gained valuable time through the added insight and strategies provided by working closely with my coach.…Read More

    RC, SVP, East Coast
  3. Work is Easier

    I like Executive Coaching because, at this stage in my career, I can be more of who I am. By maximizing my best assets (strategy and people smarts) and minimizing my worst (temper and impatience), work is easier and I like having more control over myself. It carries over outside the office. This is a good time in my life, despite the constant change and turmoil of business.…Read More

    BW, Sr. Director Now VP, South
  4. Highly Recommended

    My executive team works better together and I have more opportunity to keep my eye on the bigger picture. SLS Global has been quite effective—highly competent and easy to work with.…Read More

    JG, President, East Coast
  5. Very Successful

    It had been a brutal year, and I had to get my team refocused and realigned. I was astounded how quickly my coach was able to come in and work with me and my team to help turn things around. Communication, trust, accountability - all improve immediately and throughout the organization. It was hard work, but it felt almost like magic. It was a very successful engagement.…Read More

    SM, President, West Coast
  6. Coaching is Great

    My coach is HIGHLY effective as a Coach and as a person. I am a "big picture" kind of person and her style works very well with me. Coaching is great.…Read More

    CD, Advertising Firm, Principal, Midwest
  7. I Trust Them

    Executive coaching keeps me sharp. I'm sorry I didn't know about it years ago at the beginning of my career. The questions that my coach asks, just between the two of us, are often surprising and can cut deep to the core of matters. It is not always fun (although my SLS coach has a great sense of humor)...but tapping into important truths I was unaware of is really what has brought about change an…Read More

    DD, CEO & President, East Coast
  8. Move Faster and Further

    I wasn't sure about Leadership Coaching when HR and my boss first approached me. Then I realized that the people around me who had Executive Coaches were the senior executives. The Coaching with SLS Global is not just a perk; it shows that my company cares about my getting what I need to move faster and further. They want me in the senior executive ranks. I am very excited about my future.…Read More

    RW, Senior Director, Mid-West
  9. Inspiring

    It has been inspiring and great working with an SLS Global coach. I am amazed at how they have helped me to better integrate and balance my long work hours with my "real" life. Their Coaching is very specific and personalized to what I need. Being able to talk about my leadership and team concerns, confidentially behind closed doors, has been more useful than I ever imagined.…Read More

    JM, SVP, West Coast
  10. Trusted By Senior Leaders

    Executive Coaching for business is analogous to hiring a golf coach. Both have been invaluable in improving my game.…Read More

    MW, CEO, South