Facilitate your team’s ability to become stronger leaders while building a high performance team where roles and responsibilities, accountability, open and effective communication, trust and alignment are visibly connected to the organization’s business strategy.

Each team is unique and our process is customized. But some of the strategic components may include:

COMPONENT: Fine tune Vision and Mission.
PURPOSE: Creates over arching “North Star that informs all organizational decisions.

COMPONENT: Develop Strategic and Tactical Plan for the Organization.
PURPOSE: Creates the road map for the financial goals for the organization.

COMPONENT: Develop Strategic plans for each Senior Team Member.
PURPOSE: Creates accountability and alignment for each Senior Team member to the overall organization goals.

COMPONENT: Team 260° process.
PURPOSE: Assess and define how people work together, and existing levels of accountability, trust, respect, honesty and communication.

COMPONENT: Develop Team/Organization Operating Principals.
PURPOSE: Clarify how Team will choose to operate with each other. Denotes the Operating Principals necessary to be mirrored within the organization.

COMPONENT: Roll-out the Operating Principals.
PURPOSE: Introduce Operating Principals throughout the organization. Assess needs and buy-in from the organization and fine tune, as necessary. Focus group data to be collected.

COMPONENT:Integrate the Operating Principals into the organization.
PURPOSE: Strategy for driving the re-alignment throughout written materials, communication, visuals, etc.

All of the team processes start out with a conversation with the team leader to better understand the challenges and their vision for their team. We need to understand critical team cultural issues such as team communication, trust, conflict, accountability (individual and team), vision, empowerment to work and the role of the team leader. Only after understanding your unique needs, we then design a team process to address the specific concerns of each individual team. We want to be certain that we address gaps as well as team strengths.

Contact us today with your questions and challenges. We are proud of the work we have done since 1984.