Panning-for-Gold-in-suitIn today’s competitive economic environment, Senior Leaders face unique opportunities as well as challenges. SLS Global offers a range of proven best-in-class services that help:

  1. Strengthen strategic leadership acumen.
  2. Ensure that managerial activities are optimized.
  3. Maintain a higher level of performance.
  4. Increase organizational effectiveness.

Our wide range of customized coaching and consulting services for Senior Executives has a proven track record of success. If you do not see what you are looking for, please call us for a free, confidential consultation to discuss how we can help you, your team and organization.

“I used to think that success in corporate America was about working harder and better than my competition. Working with a coach has helped me to shift my perspective. I still work hard, but a lot smarter. For me, Leadership is about fine-tuning my gut instincts and making sure my team is on track to get the results I want.”

— SC, Former Director, Now VP, East Coast


“Top Gun” Executive Leadership Coaching: Our process adds to your leader’s ability to refine strategic skills, drive the execution of strategy to achieve world class results and to function at a higher level of performance.

Senior Team Strategic Alignment: Facilitate your team’s ability to become stronger leaders while building a high performance team where roles and responsibilities, accountability, open and effective communication, trust and alignment are visibly connected to the organization’s business strategy.

Specialized Senior Level Assessments: Senior executives and their teams need feedback to understand their leadership and team strengths, potential derailers and areas in need of improvement. SLS Global’s highly specialized assessments for Boards, Senior Leaders and teams are unique and developed specifically for Senior Leaders – focusing on higher level behaviors most connected to organizational results and positive outcomes.

Board & CEO Strategic Consulting: Board and CEO leadership is about strategy, shaping the future and responsibility for future results. SLS Global provides strategic consulting regarding people processes and organizational optimization.

CEO Connect: Isolation and lack of authentic feedback impacts every CEO’s effectiveness. This elite group has unique opportunities as well as challenges. CEO Connect, directed by a CEO, is an invitation only forum for chief executives to talk with and learn from their peers.