Ask yourself…

  1. Do you need to bridge a gap between strategy and execution?
  2. Is your organizational culture hindering alignment?
  3. Would your organization benefit from high efficiency and productivity?
  4. Are your leaders and strategic talent having a positive impact on your strategic execution?
  5. Does your organizational culture encourage teamwork, innovation, quality and productivity?
  6. Is your organization about to undertake a change?

At SLS Global, we view every organization like a living entity — each with its own unique opportunities and challenges. Its culture and environment is the result of a collection of the individual cultures that come together with institutional norms to form something unique with its own dynamics, values and expectations. It is the manifestation of shared beliefs and values established by the organization’s leaders and then communicated and reinforced through various methods, ultimately shaping employee perceptions, behaviors and understanding. Simply speaking, a company’s structure and design can be viewed as its body, and its culture as its soul. This is true whether you are in a Fortune 100 company, a small business, a government entity or a non-profit organization.

Our team of business psychologists and management consultants understand that how organizations operate is effected by many variables including the economy, the dynamics of the workforce, the values of the population in general, and the growing globalization of the market, to name a few. Call us today to learn how we can use the Psychology of High Performance along with our Employer of Choice process to help you.

Benefits of Organizational Development

  • Empowering leaders and individual employees.
  • Creating a culture of continuous improvement and alignment around shared goals.
  • Making change easier and faster.
  • Putting the minds of all employees to work.
  • Enhancing the quality and speed of decisions.
  • Making conflict constructive instead of destructive.
  • Giving leaders more control over results by giving employees more control over how they do their jobs.

Our Organizational Effectiveness Services

Change Management Consulting and Coaching: Our experienced bench of Master Coaches, business psychologists and management consultants use our psychology of high performance focus to build customized solutions to manage change within your organization while driving organization optimization.

Cultural Leadership Assessments: How do your Leaders impact your culture? How can you create an attractive and dynamic corporate culture, aligned for productivity and growth? SLS Global, through the lens of your organization’s leadership practices, helps you measure, define, clarify and support organizational success and results. With the Employer of Choice Process, SLS Global provides you with the strategic advantage needed to win the war for talent. our customized process allows you to find the best people based on the critical factors that make your organization and culture unique.

Strategic Leadership Talent Retention, Succession and Pipeline Development: We help you retain, develop and prepare for succession and pipeline development. We offer special programs for women, diversity, generational dynamics, and strategic high value employees needed for your organization’s immediate and future success.

Millennials — Attract, Engage, Develop & Retain: As the newest generation of employees enter the workforce, is your organization prepared to attract and retain the best? SLS Global will assist you in integrating this enormous talent pool into your organization and maximize their contribution for both organizational success and employee satisfaction.

Learn to Lead Group Course: SLS Global helps you activate your emerging leaders’ untapped potential and gives you justifiable return on investment.

Coach the Coach Program: SLS Global provides a course with feedback to develop the coaching skills of your in-house managers as well as your established leaders.

NEW! e-Learning Leadership Course: A new economical leadership program designed to teach Generation X and the Millennials as well as middle manager high potentials the fundamentals of leadership success and organizational alignment.