It costs upwards of 300% of the executive’s salary to recruit and hire a replacement.

It can be a risky investment, leading to potential organizational confusion, when a new strategic executive is unsuccessful. The organization loses time, momentum, and huge opportunity. SLS Global alleviates uncertainties by working with your executives before and after hiring to integrate them into your organization. We develop a strategic road map and action plan to proactively address the potential reasons for derailment and increase behaviors responsible for success. These include:

  • Communicating and building the right relationships to effectively build trust and efficiencies within the organization.
  • Identifying and overcoming real and potential road blocks to strategy execution.
  • Strengthening their ability to confront hard facts and decisions to make the right choices.
  • Enabling executives to lead the organization and team more effectively.
  • Leading to inspire, persuade and drive results.
  • Deepening Emotional IQ by better understanding leadership style and the impact it has on the team and the people in the organization.
  • Mapping a plan for continuing success beyond the initial 3-6 month timeframe.

Call us today to learn how to maximize effectiveness of your internal succession planning and obtain the greatest return on your hiring investments.

“I relocated from one part of the country to another. I moved from a senior position in a smaller firm to a senior position in a large organization. Leadership Coaching allowed me to come on board in the new organization faster and more efficiently. I gained valuable time through the added insight and strategies provided by working closely with my SLS coach.”

— RC, VP IT Executive, East Coast