“Good leaders create more economic value than poor leaders, and extraordinary leaders create significantly more economic value than the rest.”

—Jack Zenger

Based on the psychology of high performance, the SLS Global team of business psychologists, Master Executive Coaches, Organization Effectiveness consultants and subject matter experts are the cutting edge leaders,and one of the first to use a total, well rounded and integrated approach to Organizational and Leadership success. Issues that make a real difference and effect your people and the bottom line such as organizational leadership and team alignment, ethics, leadership style and flexibility, teambuilding, managing diversity and change are – and have always been – core issues that are focused upon during the development process. Offering Best Practices, confidentiality and proper advisement, senior executives know that we help them deliver real world results.

High Potential Executive Coaching: We provide coaching and organizational services that help you develop and retain the executive bench required for your growth and competitive strategy execution in the future.

On-Boarding / New Executive Assimilation Coaching: SLS Global maximizes executive success and minimized potential derailment by working with executives before and after hiring to integrate them into your organization.

Engaging Millennials: With an estimated 92 million Millennials (born 1980-2000) joining or about to join the workforce, organizational success will be determined by leaders ability to understand and engage this new generation or workers. We provide consulting, coaching and organizational services that promotes intergenerational understanding, allowing organizations to attract and retain Millennials.

Transform Managers into Leaders: Leaders are made, not born. We work with managers to broaden and deepen their leadership abilities and thus empower them to contribute more powerfully to your strategy execution and overall, long-term organizational success.

Developmental Coaching for Executive Challenges: We work with key executives to help them successfully manage and overcome behaviors that disrupt their ability to be effective. We rectify difficulties, reduce liability, improve morale and lessen difficult personnel situations.

Executive Crisis Advisement and Coaching: Leader judgment and actions can impact corporate stock, brand, reputation and employee morale. Our advisers are singularly prepared to restore, preserve and protect productivity and increase your leaders ability to regain momentum.

Leadership Group Program: For 25-150 leaders, we partner with you on developing a customized and effective program that is right for your organizational culture and goals for the future.

High Performance Team Development: We deliver goal directed alignment services that enable leaders to better operate at a higher level of performance within their team where roles and responsibilities, accountability, and alignment are visibly connected to business strategy.

Executive Team and Organization Global Assessments: SLS Global assessments — from individual and team 360°s to style, emotional IQ and organizational best fit — look beyond your leader’s technical expertise. We measure those behavioral areas critical for success in the global economy. Available in up to 19 languages, our instruments provide critical information for leaders, teams, pipeline development, and organizational effectiveness.

e-Learning Leadership Development Course: A new economical leadership program designed to teach Generations X and Millennials as well as middle manager high potentials the fundamentals of leadership success and organizational alignment.