Knowledge is Power

How would a high performing team and optimized organization help you to achieve increased profitability?

This is a critical questions because Leaders and Teams can only become the best if they know how to maximize their assets and minimize their derailers. At SLS Global we look beyond your leader’s technical expertise to those behavioral areas critical to success in the global economy. As psychologists, we are adamant about tests being valid and reliable. We are also experts in choosing the right tools for the appropriate applicants, saving you time, money and concerns over legal and EEOC issues. With over 160 specialized assessments, a short list of what we offer include:

  • MBTI – Myers Briggs
  • Strong
  • FIRO-B
  • TKI
  • Emotional IQ tools and tests for individuals, teams & organization
  • Individual Leadership style assessments
  • Team Leadership style information & tools
  • Leadership values, ethics, problem solving, judgment and personality tools and assessments
  • High Performance Executive Assessment Battery
  • Career and Entrepreneurial assessments
  • Stress, adaptability and resiliency tools
  • Sales/Customer Service Aptitude tools
  • Communication and Conflict tools and assessments
  • Best in Class 180°, 260°, and 360° Team Assessments
  • Work Personality tests
  • Organizational Culture Assessments
  • Specific Job Function Tests

We offer many testing tools in more than 30 different languages. Call us or visit the SLS GlobalAssessment section for more detailed descriptions, and information.