22% of managers believe they are effective at handling conflict. 78% of employees disagree.

How many of your strategic high potential workers have left due to conflict with a difficult boss?

Reduce the impact a difficult situation can have on your organization.

Through Developmental Coaching, SLS Global Master Executive Coaches leverage their expertise in the psychology of human behavior and high performance to help key executive leaders successfully manage and overcome the challenges that can disrupt their ability to be effective. We help them identify, take responsibility for and change issues related to:

  • Communication and conflict management
  • Anger
  • Diversity, sexual harassment
  • Stress
  • Ethical “slippery slopes”
  • Health related issues – – stroke, cancer, heart attacks
  • Leadership style challenges
  • Crisis management due to workplace accidents, catastrophes, and employee mistakes

We possess the scope and ability to assess fitness of work capabilities as well as coaching to reduce the impact of the issue. We become your organization’s strategic partner to rectify difficulties, reduce liability, improve morale and turn around difficult personnel situations.

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“I like Executive Coaching because, by maximizing my best assets (strategy and people smarts) and minimizing my worst (temper and impatience), work is easier and I like having more control over myself. It carries over outside the office. This is a good time in my life, despite the constant change and turmoil of business.”

— BW, Sr. Director to VP, South