Case-studies1Below is a collection of case studies, each providing an account of a situation and set of circumstances faced by an industry, specific organization or individual. Each case study provides information about a real life business situation and gives examples of how strategic issues are managed by real organizations. These are actual accounts of situations on a range of topics, including how to effective utilize assessments for leadership development, team building, career planning and employee retention; measuring ROI in Business Coaching; and, strategy execution.

We invite you to explore these case studies; each was selected because of the learning value it has for leaders, managers, HR professionals, and organizations. As new information becomes available, this list will be updated, so check back often!


Advancing Leadership Skills to Build a Safer Health System: A Case Study of the UCSF Center for the Health Professions using the MBTI and FIRO-B assessments

Nokia Finds New Ways to Deliver Assessment-Based Coaching & Career Development: A A Case Study of Nokia using the Strong Interest Inventory®, FIRO-B® (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation–Behavior™), Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI), and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)

In late 2003 Nokia, a global leader in mobile telecommunications, established a new Enterprise Solutions business to serve mobile business users with wireless terminals and to offer improved Internet security to many of its customers.

Marriott Leads the Way to Customer Satisfaction: A Case Study of Marriott using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Marriott International knows that customer satisfaction is directly related to its managers’ ability to motivate their frontline customer care associates. Thus, in a company for which repeat business and brand loyalty are vital, the training of new managers has a direct effect on the bottom line.

Southwest Airlines and the MBTI® Assessment, Creating a Corporate Culture That Soars: A Case Study of Southwest Airlines

How do you grow a major airline whose revenues exceeded $7.6 billion in 2005, and whose year-end results marked its 33rd consecutive year of profitability and record profits?

Emotional Intelligence

Air Force Acquisition Takes the Leadership Challenge: Program Leverages Key Assessments to Generate Self -Awareness and Build Organization-wide Leadership Ability

Employees were being promoted to management positions based primarily on technical ability, rather than on leadership skill. In the past this has been a significant contributor to overall poor management, in turn leading to high turnover, lack of improvement, and lack of innovation.

Emotional Competence and Leadership Excellence at Johnson & Johnson: The Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Study

The Business Case for Emotional Intelligence

Various Topics

Best Practices – On-Boarding

Competency-Based Learning: The Resurrection of a Classical Approach

Measuring ROI in Business Coaching: A Case Study of Nations Hotel